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The Impact on Society

Chhaap is the footprint of our work that we want to leave and colour this beautiful world with. The Terra Co. aims at uplifting the society by creating a difference with our products. India, being the land of rich and varied forms of living crafts with artisans who incarnate humanity, patience and persistence. We aim at the revival of our temporarily forgotten humanity through handicrafts and handmade sustainable products.

We strive to bring back the nostalgia of people by offering them with just the right type of handicrafts. Chhaap aims at improving the social condition of the society through design, interaction and collaboration. We aim at working together with society without differentiating to make the world a better place to live in. We embrace the efforts of our artisans and craftsmen who take inspiration from the heart and convert them into beautiful products that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Did you know?

With an estimate of 7 million artisans and craftsmen in the country, artisans are the backbone of India who are engaged in different art and craft activities. The interesting part is that half of the artisans and craftsmen are handicapped and impeded.

Did you know?

The handicraft artisans suffer a lot due to being unorganised, lack of education, low capital, poor exposure to new technologies, absence of market intelligence and a poor institutional framework. The Terra Co. makes sure that the handicapped society is served well, we try our best to give them employment and other benefits.