We are one Bhasha

The story of Indian Culture and Diversity India has a rich and diverse culture when it comes to “Bhasha” or languages. Every state has its own different and unique language and our products reflect Indian culture in our handcrafted products and designs. An epitome of elegance and royalty, Indian states have their values and different Bhashas in which people communicate. From celebrating festivals to the way people dress up, India is all about its distinct and graceful culture.

We have to take the Indian culture forward with responsibility. With the depths of culture and art that Indians practice, we know how to keep our culture and philosophies alive. With the initiative of ‘Bhasha’, we strive to instil these parts of our culture in our design and create something amazing and astounding.

The Terra Co. aims at inculcating the essence of each Bhasha from across India into the products that we create. We aspire to bring back a sense of belonging and a deep-rooted connection to our ancestors. Through our products, we wish to communicate the same to our customers, helping them explore the unknown language of their land and understand the unique stories.


While India has 22 separate official languages, it is home to around 121 languages and 270 mother tongues. With the essence of all languages, India is one of the most diverse and rich countries in the world in terms of culture and Bhashas.


Kalamkari art is one of the most beautiful and famous crafts that have come out of Andhra Pradesh. With a history of more than 3,000 years, Kalamkari art is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile that is appreciated all over the world.