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Story of Indian textiles

It is not a name, it is a weave of nature.

It is the search for new in the old.

Rooii is what grows from Beej. The Terra Co. is all set to take a step towards encouraging the use of sustainable textile with a wide and unique range of products and lifestyle accessories. A story of sustainable textile interwoven with craft, culture, utility and uniqueness.

Rooii is based on two ideologies- Handcrafted in India and Handwoven by proud artisans and craftsmen of India. As we use the resources of Mother Earth, it is our responsibility to give it back and convert Earth into a better place to live. Following the basic principle of sustainability, our products are ready to imprint your lives with culture, craft and art. It is an ode to artisans of India who lead their lives for the betterment of nature.

Did you know?

Rooii takes about 200 days to grow and the process starts somewhere between December and March. The plants need moderate temperature to grow and a ton of water is required to develop the seed into a fluffy and soft ball of white cotton

Did you know?

Cotton and silk are the top two raw materials associated with Indian textiles. India being the second largest producer of cotton, is also the second largest exporter of cotton in the world.