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The seed for a better and sustainable future

Beej or popularly known as seed signifies the beginning of a beautiful growing plant. With the initiative to create a balance between the green covers and infrastructure development on Earth, our products are nothing but a way to create that balance. We aim at inspiring people to transform their purchases from mindless consumption into conscious decisions that are eco-friendly and sustainable. The Terra Co. is involved in picking up the element from our daily life and creating our story from beej around it. This is our way of giving it back to nature.

Our Story of Earth is based on the following PRINCIPLES:

Concious approach

Did you know?

The Terra Co. has come up with an amazing initiative to give your beautiful memories a way to stay forever. The Beej Rakhi is an eco-friendly “dhaga”- an option of planting it in your garden.

Did you know?

Beej Ghee Batti- a symbol of purity is an aroma and essence of blessing. These Ghee Batti’s on burning purifies the air and let go of all the negativity.