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Environment friendly handcrafted Mini Lohri

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The word Lohri comes from ‘Tilohri’ i.e.
‘til’ meaning sesame and ‘rorhi’ meaning
jaggery/gur. Lohri is the celebration of
arrival of longer days after the winter
solstice. The Lighting of the bonfire during
this winter festival is an ancient tradition.
The festival is celebrated by dedicating
‘til’ to fire as a ritual of offering to Sun
LOHRI GHEEBATTI is small form of
Lohri to celebrate the tradition with
Mother Earth. It is made of Desi Ghee and
beeswax which are air purifying , fallen
branches collected from surroundings ,
cow dung , copper vessel, terracotta vessel,
essential oils and til as tradition.
Millions of trees are cut for wood required
for burning during bonfire which creates
pollution. Lohri gheebatti is an initiative
to celebrate the tradition of offering til to
Let’s Celebrate the tradition with Mother
The Terra Co.
Elements of
Lohri Gheebatt

Elements of
Lohri Gheebatti
Aroma of tradition,culture,
and Purity handcrafted in
elements of Nature.It is a
blend of Beeswax, soy wax
and Desi ghee with essential
oil handpoured in terracotta/
copper vessel with tradition of
til . The wood used is of 3 types
– Mango, sandalwood, and
natural branches.


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