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With a number of stories to tell about humanity, to create from craft, to visualise from Art of India, to grow in the soil of Earth and to be responsible for cultural integrity of India, Terra creates and curates eco-friendly products.

Terra meaning The "Earth" is the ultimate source of life. We follow the philosophy of creating life through handmade and sustainable products.

With a wide range of sustainable and long-lasting products, The Terra Co.
believes in manufacturing handcrafted products that are environmental-friendly

Our mission is to redefine and recreate the process of growth through handmade and sustainable products made directly from Mother Earth. The Terra Co. aspires to make this world a better place by introducing the most viable and natural products.

The Terra Co. aims at returning life the Earth through small initiatives by adapting them in each moment of our life.
We want to create a world which is healthy, pure and full of life.

Our Five pillars define the process:

The Terra Co. is building a platform for the craft originated in nature where sustainability is embraced.
In collaboration with nature, we aim at building and creating a world where everyone is healthy and equal.

Our philosophy is to create life through homemade and sustainably designed products. In collaboration with nature we want to create a world where everyone is healthy and equal.

What I stand for is what I stand on!

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.

We hear water, quiet and thunderous, trickling, rushing down the mountains.

We see Women sitting under the whistling leaves and chirping birds.

We smell the dried leaves of indigo and the emergence of colours born from the soil of Earth.

We bathe in the land’s pure light that filters through and throughout, reminding us of the vast powerful nature out there beyond the walls.

We see silence, we flow, we imagine, we feel, we indulge in beauty. All such impressions, feelings, sensations, memories, purify our soul from within.

We Live!

Transforming lives of people as we believe in giving back to nature and society equally. We have a number of stories to tell about humanity to create and curate from craft and culturally integrate the colours of India with a blended mix of visuals from Art Of India

Handgrown Life: With the vision and mission of sustainability, each of our products has an essence of Mother Nature

Handmade Culture: Built and created by the proud women of India, specially abled children and artisans.

Handcrafted Stories: Transforming the gift of craft from nature to provide alternative solutions for a sustainable lifestyle.

Handwoven Teads: Weaving together in ways that are unimaginable and providing a growth platform for artisans.

Hand Knotted Humanity: Integrating Indian culture, traditions, craftsmanship and nature into oneness.

Join hands with The Terra Co. it is our responsibility to give back to the community and nature.
Volunteer with us in taking care of Mother Earth!